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With our focus on a single speciality, we strive to provide an advanced software solution that feels like it was made for YOU.

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Dr. Srdjan Prodanovich M.D. FAAD

EZDERM’s founder, Dr. Prodanovich faced a significant challenge after opening his dermatology practice. He and his staff were being bogged down by an antiquated EHR and practice management system that wasn’t designed for dermatology. Frustrated by the inefficiencies and lack of specialized features, he decided enough was enough. Dr. Prodanovich envisioned an EHR tailored specifically for dermatologists—one that would streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and improve patient care—and in 2006, EZDERM was born.

This groundbreaking dermatology-specific EHR and practice management software featured specialized tools like pre-populated treatment plans and a 3D body mapping tool, addressing the unique needs of dermatologists.

Today, Dr. Prodanovich continues to practice dermatology at his clinic in Naples, Florida, just around the corner from EZDERM’s headquarters. His clinic showcases the efficiency and effectiveness of EZDERM daily, transforming not only his practice but also empowering dermatologists worldwide to deliver exceptional care.

Our Values


We make our users a priority. No automated calls, we speak to you directly, and offer 1:1 live and on-site training.


One smarter solution: Electronic Health Records, Practice Management System, Revenue Cycle Management, Check-in App, Sadio Patient Portal + Online Appointments


Technology that works for you, not against you. Automated. Accurate. Customizable. Short learning curve.


Convenient at the core. Easy to setup and use. Designed to be mobile. Free your time.


Our unparalleled interface, design, and experience are always a dimension above the competition.

Fully Certified

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EZDERM is fully certified with Meaningful Use and electronic prescribing. Click the link below to learn more information.