Switching Dermatology Systems Made EZ

How Kirsch Dermatology Seamlessly Integrated EZDERM

Business Challenges

Kirsch Dermatology opened its doors with the goal of recapturing the essence of medicine: thoughtful and compassionate care made available to everyone. Dr. Kirsch initially chose a system that was commonly used within the industry.

Immediate challenges plagued their practice due to their EHR’s cumbersome workflows, lack of integrated applications, as well as delays and irregularity in the prior Revenue Cycle Management service.

“With the prior system, the billing service experience was awful. We were left out on our own, with minimal to no support from our assigned billing person. It took us over five months to get our first Medicare payment. This had a massive impact on our business and our ability to get our start-up practice off the ground.”

—Casey Stolts, Practice Manager

EZDERM Solution

When Kirsch Dermatology realized it was time to switch systems, their immediate assumption was that they would have to navigate another painful conversion process. However, the process to switch to EZDERM was stress-free. EZDERM took care of the data transfer, provided complete and ongoing staff training, as well as guided billing enrollment.

“Transitioning to EZDERM from our old EHR was much easier than anticipated. We were upgrading our entire suite of IT products including EHR, Practice Management, as well as Billing Services. The ‘EZ’ in EZDERM really resonates with me, as it couldn’t have been an easier process to upgrade our system.”

—Brandon Kirsch, MD, FAAD

Kirsch Dermatology was able to quickly integrate EZDERM into their practice thanks to EZDERM’s specialized training resources.

“Some of our staff were terrified to have to learn another system, even more so since we just learned the one we were using. EZDERM provided incredible customer service and we were able to receive immediate assistance when needed. Transition to EZDERM could not have been better.”

—Kirsch Dermatology Staff Member

Business Impact

EZDERM’s state-of-the-art dermatology software propelled Kirsch Dermatology to its desired state and aligned to its vision, to provide their patients with a 5-star experience. With EZDERM’s intuitive workflows and ease of use, Kirsch Dermatology was able to provide treatment to patients quickly and effectively, improving both staff and patient outcomes. EZDERM’s RCM also played an integral part in sustaining financial viability and growth, reducing payment cycles in half.

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Switching Dermatology Systems Made EZ