Using EZDERM to Grow + Scale a Dermatology Practice

How MOD Dermatology Utilized EZDERM to Scale their Business to a Multi-provider Practice

Business Challenges

Dr. Melanie Ortleb embarked on her journey to open a private dermatology practice in 2018. Dr. Ortleb anticipated growing pains with scaling her practice, including hiring and onboarding, optimizing business processes, and investing in resources to ensure consistent delivery of quality care and positive patient outcomes. She required a technology partner that could support a roadmap to success in each operational facet, which led her to EZDERM.

EZDERM Solution

EZDERM’s integrated Electronic Health Record (EHR), Practice Management System (PMS), and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) provided an environment for Dr. Ortleb’s practice to flourish. “As we continued to grow, advanced workflows became crucial; personalized and customized notes are central to how we approach patient care. With EZDERM’s unified mobile and desktop solutions, multiple users can work on the same note without conflict. We were able to send prescriptions, review charts, and examine lab results at our fingertips. It allowed us to maximize time with patients and spend less time documenting.”

As a startup, Dr. Ortleb partnered with EZDERM to utilize EZDERM RCM services, which are comprised of experienced billing and coding professionals who process claims efficiently and accurately. An accountable RCM solution was essential for their practice to maintain financial viability in both times of uncertainty and growth.

With a growing practice and team, onboarding could be challenging. However, EZDERM simplified the process, allowing Dr. Ortleb’s staff to make an impact quickly. “We were provided a plethora of resources from EZSchool, Online Training, Onsite Training, Live Customer Support, we felt EZDERM’s hand-in-hand guidance throughout our growth journey. Customer support is unmatched as EZDERM is always a phone call away.

Business Impact

With EZDERM, Dr. Ortleb successfully scaled her practice from one to four providers within a few years. Seamless implementation, intuitive workflows, increased hiring and onboarding efficiencies ultimately lead to increasing Dr. Ortleb’s patient base and practice profitability. “EZDERM empowers our practice and enables our staff to prioritize time with patients. With EZDERM’s intuitive design and integrated system, we capitalize on practice efficiencies, so we can devote our energy to healing and humanizing patient care.”

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