Dermatology Electronic Health Records

A mobile EHR that supports dermatology-specific clinical workflows and patient documentation.

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3D Body Map

EZDERM’s 3D Body Map is a 360 degree tool that allows users to document the accurate location and size of a patient’s concern. It is integrated with location specific ICD-10 and CPT codes based on the SNOMED database allowing for rapid documentation.

Automated Coding

With the help of EZDERM’s anatomically accurate 3D Body Map, simply apply a treatment plan and the system will generate the location specific ICD-10 and CPT codes. In addition, E&M coding is generated based on user documentation.

Customizable Treatment Plans

EZDERM users receive 1,000+ dermatology specific treatment plans that allow for documentation right out of the box or full customization.

Malignancy Log

Users can view and track all patient malignancies directly from the progress note. Clicking into the log showcases the patient data on EZDERM’s revolutionary 3D Body Map allowing you to view site specific photos, results, and a timeline of treatments.

Biopsy Log

Track all of your biopsies from a single screen with EZDERM’s biopsy log. Integration with labs allow for path reports to come back right into the log. Easily filter for all pending cases or any cases you have completed in the past.

Real-Time Clinical Reports

EZDERM’s clinical reports module showcases practice-wide data for any diagnosis, treatment plan, or medication to allow for greater clarity into your patient data. Customize the columns and data that is being pulled into the report and save for future use!


Access the complete schedule and all accompanying capabilities right from within the EHR. Appointments are updated in real time across the system allowing clinical and admin staff to work in unison.

Automated MIPS Measures

Accurate and complete documentation of MIPS is made easy with EZDERM’s automatic Quality and Promoting Interoperability tracking. In real time, review MIPS reporting progress using EZDERM’s MIPS Reports and report to CMS via our certified partner, Healthmonix.

Fully Mobile

The power of a fully functional EHR in the palm of your hand! Whether a scribe documents your notes or you’re traveling to a remote location to provide care, EZDERM’s EHR app works via wi-fi or cellular networks and is the same experience whether on the iPhone, iPad, Apple desktop or laptop.

Simultaneous Multi User Documentation

Multiple members of the patient care team are able to document in the patient record simultaneously allowing for timely documentation and effective patient care.

Favorite Prescriptions

With one click, save an unlimited number of favorite prescriptions eliminating the need to retype it per patient. Moreover, you can link favorite prescriptions to treatment plans so a set of personalized prescriptions are always available based on patient conditions.

Prescription Eligibility, Formularies, and History

EZDERM’s seamless integration with Surescripts allows providers to easily access a list of prescription drugs covered by a prescription drug plan or another insurance plan offering prescription drug benefits, obtain full medications history from other settings of care, as well as check patient eligibility for all prescriptions.

Mohs Module

An intuitive module to track and manage multiple patients through multiple stages of surgery. Utilize an electronic Mohs mapping tool and pre-populated templates to make documentation efficient and accurate.

Cosmetic Products + Services

Link cash pay items, such as products or cosmetic services, to treatment plans allowing for a seamless experience from clinical documentation to check out. The system will track inventory for any products sold in office.

Checkout Tools

EZDERM’s suite of integrated applications allow the patients, medical staff, providers, and admin staff to work in unison. Data is available in real-time to all other users regardless of which application they are accessing the system allowing for efficient check-in, check-out, and billing processes.