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The easiest way to document patient encounters

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Designed for Dermatology

It is essential for a good EHR to be designed by its end users. Intricacies of our specialty cannot be translated into technology by sporadic focus group meetings. It has to be a daily concert of medical knowledge, vision and superb engineering power. Building a good product is easy, building a great product isn’t. Please check out why we believe that we have created a great product.
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Focus on Patients

We, the physicians, are not trained to be computer technicians, but rather to provide superior medical care with the focus on the patient. So, an EHR should complement our work and not get in the way of it. Find out how EZDERM empowers physicians to document their patients better.
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Built for the Future

The core of every great software is a well designed, flexible and scalable architecture. Most of the current legacy softwares are developed on archaic technology, soon-to-be obsolete ICD-9 coding systems, and frustrating input methods. Our revolutionary patent-pending EHR system is designed for the medicine of the future, not the past. Find out why we have built a truly disruptive innovation.
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Truly Mobile

Break free from the limitations of desktop computers and cumbersome hardware-centric solutions. Enjoy an elegant and portable EHR at your fingertips, wherever life takes you.


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Cloud Based

A Simply Smarter Automated Electronic Health Record System