Electronic Health Records

A mobile application that supports clinical workflows and patient documentation.

  • Anatomically Accurate 3D Body Map
  • Customizable Treatment Plans
  • Automated Mips Measures

Practice Management System

A web-based system that supports the administrative and billing workflows.

  • Advanced Scheduler
  • Automatic Insurance Eligibility Checks
  • Electronic Claim Submission

Revenue Cycle Management

Simplify your business operations by utilizing EZDERM’s
billing services.

  • Claim Submission & Management
  • Payment Posting
  • A/R Follow-Up & Analytics

Check-in App

An application used in the waiting room to support the patient intake process.

  •  Automated Interviewing
  • Digital Consents
  • Credit Card On File

Patient Portal

A resource for patients to review & update their medical information.

  • Add & Manage Medical History
  • Digital Consents
  • Document Sharing