We focus on developing intuitive software products for dermatology practices with exemplary service.

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  • Single Speciality (Dermatology)

  • Responsive Support

  • Designated Account Reps

  • 3D Body Map

  • Straightforward Pricing

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What Our Customers Say

Jonathan C.

We found the customer service to be on a different level and liked the fact that the company style and mindset is similar to the type of company that we are. We want to partner with like minded people which is what we have gotten with EZDERM so far.

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Jennifer C.

EZDERM has provided stellar service since day 1. I am so grateful to this software and its developers for allowing me to provide efficient and quality healthcare every day.

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Haydee K.

LOVE their customer support. Hands down the most positive experience of starting my business was having them on speed dial in case of any questions. The total opposite of my experience with the OTHER company.

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