Ez Check in App & Online

An application that is used in the waiting room and via SMS appointment reminders that allows the patient to complete the check in process.

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Automated Interviewing

Get your patients’ help in the documentation process by giving them the ability to document their demographic information, medical history, and set their preferred pharmacy from the waiting room.

Intelligent Appointment

Allow patients to securely check in using our HIPAA-compliant appointment QR barcode, just as if they were checking into an airline kiosk. Once checked in, the patients can digitally sign any necessary consents, as well as enter all of their medical and demographic information.

Automated MIPS Measures

For eligible measures patients can address multiple MIPS measures right from within the check-in process allowing for a more seamless experience in the room.

Digital Consents

Set-up and customize consents based on a new patient visit or treatment specific that patients will be prompted to sign in the waiting room.

Credit Card on File

If storing a credit card on file is part of your practice’s workflow patients have the ability to enter it from the check in app storing it for future charges.