How Dr. Martinez-Diaz Utilized EZDERM Resources to Train New Hires

How Dr. Martinez-Diaz Utilized EZDERM Resources to Train New Hires!

Business Challenges

Dermatology caught Dr. Martinez-Diaz’s attention since he could treat the whole spectrum – males and females from newborn to 100 years old. He didn’t start his career with a dream to run his own practice, but when an opportunity presented itself to open his own practice in March 2018 he went for it!

Dr. Martinez was aware that opening his own practice would require wearing many hats including operations management, strategic planning, IT administration, human resources, and more. He selected EZDERM’s EHR and Practice Management solution as the backbone to scaling his practice. Two years later in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the practice experienced unforeseen roadblocks associated with staff turnover. Dr. Martinez-Diaz stated, “One of the hardest things a new practice can encounter is staff turnover. The time and resources that are spent to train new employees can drain the practice owner and other key staff.

EZDERM Solution

When Dr. Martinez-Diaz first opened his practice, he utilized EZDERM’s 1:1 online training services. These sessions were recorded allowing him to build out a custom content library that he provided to new hires. Dr. Martinez-Diaz also provided his new hires access to EZ School, an online platform managed by EZDERM that takes staff members through videos, interactive activities, and quizzes to learn the different components of the system at their own pace. Another key EZDERM feature that facilitated getting new staff up to speed, was the ability for Dr. Martinez-Diaz to copy his library of smart phrases into their accounts. He created these shorthands over the years in medical school, internships, and residency and was thrilled at how easy it was to copy them into EZDERM. These shorthands helped him maintain consistency in his patient documentation as new staff joined his team.

Business Impact

Dr. Martinez-Diaz was able to quickly onboard new staff onto EZDERM without requiring an overcommitment of his own time, which was better leveraged in leading the practice and providing positive patient outcomes. Dr. Martinez-Diaz stated, “As a small business owner I wear a lot of hats and constantly navigate balancing operational tasks with providing top-notch care for my patients. With EZDERM, I was able to pass one of those hats off due to their streamlined training and onboarding resources. EZDERM was an investment in our sanity and gave us back valuable time to focus on our vision.

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